Erinvale Estate offers a variety of amenities including tennis courts, children’s play area, boule courts and hiking and running trails


Tennis on Erinvale is run on an informal basis, with the ladies meeting each Friday morning and various groups of men playing in the afternoons. When the swallows are around the courts are well used, but become quieter during the wet winter months when the wind factor can make play interesting. The courst have been commandeered a couple of times for hospitality purposes when the golf club hosts international events.

Nature Reserve | Fynbos

During the development of the estate, David Gant consulted ith Gerald Wright of the Helderberg Nature Reserve in an effort to preserve this precious inheritance. A portion of Erinvale, I 18 fynbos-covered hectares, was incorporated into the Reserve for them to nurture. In addition, appreciative residents and maintenance staff on Erinvale are doing as much as possible to conserve the fynbos areas on the estate and achieve this by demarcating thee areas and maintaining a programme of conservation by removing alien invasive vegetation, limiting human intrusion, and augmenting sparse areas with appropriate Cape flora.

A selection of walking trails has been carefully cut through these areas to encourage residents to experience their natural heritage, yet not interfere with the ecology by walking haphazardly through it. Dam surrounds are kept as natural as possible to attract and encourage water birds to inhabit and breed in the embankment grasses.

Fynbos supports many small mammals, insects and birds who in turn play an essential role in pollinating plants. A lovely and healthy ecology is part of the Estate's overall philosophy and something to strive for.


Erinvale has a good variety of small mammals, including small and large grey mongoose, shrews, striped field mice, golden moles, bats, Cape hares and the acorn-collecting grey squirrel. Unfortuantely, the erection of the security fence on the Helderberg perimeter has resulted in less hares, tortoise, buck porcupines and others visiting the estate. Before the installation of the fence, several large tortoises were often seen making their surprisingly speedy way up and down the estate.

Reptiles are generally shy and move away from developed and busy areas but do favour the fynbos type vegetation. The more adventurous golfers may have surprised mole snakes, Cape cobras and puff-adders in the areas off the fairway whilst searching for errant balls.

It is hoped, now that the natural areas have been recognised, that this asset will be properly managed over the next ten years and longer; so that it can survive to flourish and continue to enhance the value of the estate.